Life Update: School

I was never extremely good at school in elementary and middle or even the beginning of high school. Once I hit 10th grade I realized how important school was and really decided to take it seriously. I fought really hard to get put in to AP classes and went to Boces for early childhood education […]

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My Morning Routine

I thought for my first post that I would tell you about my morning routine. Now my morning routines are different Monday, Wednesday, Friday from Tuesday and Thursday because of my school schedule. My weekend routine is also different and everything will change again next semester with a different schedule and internship. I’m just going […]

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Inspiration board

I just decided I wanted to redo my office and “hang out” room for the summer months that I will be in my house. I wanted a space that would encourage me to write and inspire me. It’s not done yet and still a bit of a mess, but I have half the room done […]

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Easter brunch

Happy Easter to everyone or Passover since most my friends are Jewish. I though I share my outfit and make look with you guys along with some goodies the Easter bunny brought.  First my look. I choose this blue lace dress with cut outs by the collar. I keep jewelry really simple today along with […]

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Habit tracker and note pads

  Other than just my planner I use a couple of other things to help organize other parts of my life. My planner holds my schedule and all my school stuff along with some little things to remember. It also holds my habit tracker which as it states I use to track my habits. I […]

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Evening Study Routine

Ever since I transferred I take school very serious and most the time I am doing homework or reading. I always have something with me in my bag at all times because you never know when you’re going to have extra time and my life is always on the go. On a perfect day thought […]

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Weekly planner set up.

I wanted to show you guys how I keep my life together with my Erin Conrad planner in the neutral color scheme. I do like this planner but I will be switching to the happy planner next year because of it being cheaper and being more customizable like I want. I always start at the […]

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My Home

I grew up as an Army brat moving around with my military mom and my military dad over seas. I am extremely thankful for it because it really is what gives me the desire to learn new cultures and to see new things. It is the reason for my personality and is one of the […]

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