My Home

I grew up as an Army brat moving around with my military mom and my military dad over seas. I am extremely thankful for it because it really is what gives me the desire to learn new cultures and to see new things. It is the reason for my personality and is one of the best life lessons I have every received.

I came from Germany to Maryland, where I lived in three or four different places. Then I moved to Virginia in the middle of one of those times in Maryland. Finally landing in New York for part of middle school and high school. Then, the first college I went to was in Buffalo for a year and a half. Now, I am back near home and go to school at Siena.

That is just some of my background of where I come from and where I live to start with. I find that this is always the part of the story I tell the most of in my life because when you hear Army brat, you get asked where you live and sometimes what it is like. The part of the story that only sometimes gets told is that my full name is Samantha Nell Sellers and I don’t actually have a place that I call hometown. Germany was where I was born but I don’t remember it that much. Maryland is where I spent my childhood playing and actually remember some. Now, upstate New York in a town called Ballston Spa I always refer to my families hometown because this is where most my family grew up on my dads side.

So that being said, yesterday I was sitting in my car reading before class and I realized that my car is my home. When I lived in Maryland and Virginia, I was always in the car because when my mom couldn’t be there she drove me up to New York. When I moved to Buffalo, I was always in the car to go back and forth home. Even in high school, when I got a car, that would be where me and my friends would sit and talk for hours. Today, I live in my car basically going between school, home, my boyfriends and work. Its my safe space where I keep a good amount of things and where I go when I am stressed to breath.

I think that being an Army brat, I was made to travel. You think from moving I would desire one place but really I desire that normal movement I always had in my life. The car on a big highway is where home is for me and always will be.


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