Weekly planner set up.

I wanted to show you guys how I keep my life together with my Erin Conrad planner in the neutral color scheme. I do like this planner but I will be switching to the happy planner next year because of it being cheaper and being more customizable like I want.

I always start at the beginning of the month decorating all 4-5 weeks in that section with stickers and washi tape. Currently I’ve been using my Erin Conrad monthly sticker book that I have and then I have some stickers from various other places. This week that I’m showing you had just a simple blue theme because I have a very busy week so I wanted more room for writing and events.

Next I add in my school schedule and work schedule and any doctors apts that I may have. I also add the little gold hearts for the next step along with the today list heading.

Next I add my blog planning. The gold hearts is the blogs I’m posting that day and then the stickers that have check marks are what I have to write. Along with that Sunday I edit pictures for my blog for the posts coming up to following week such as headers. I also edit photos through out the week as I take them sometimes like for life updates but I will just write them in my schedule when I will do them and what it’s for.

After that I will go through each of my classes and write down what homework I have for the whole week in my to do list. I will be posting a study routine but I use the empty box on Saturday to put my readings I have in school because I try to get readings done on the weekends so I only have to worry about actual homework during the week.

Finally I will add any finally plans I have with friends or family or I will make plans now that I know when I have time exactly. This also helps me to figure when projects and homework will get done. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this because planning is my favorite. Let me know what else you would like to see and share some of your planner designs. 


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