Evening Study Routine

Ever since I transferred I take school very serious and most the time I am doing homework or reading. I always have something with me in my bag at all times because you never know when you’re going to have extra time and my life is always on the go. On a perfect day thought I actually sit down at my desk and do this routine or at least some of it on most days.

So the first thing I do is get a snack, it’s important because food. I will make another post of snacks that I usually make in the evening. After food thought I go to my desk to start my evening. I start with clearing and cleaning up my desk if I need to and then unpack my bag and clean out the trash from the day.

I will start with my planner and my planning notepads to figure out what I need to do and start with. As you know I have the Erin Conrad planner which I write pretty much has everything I have to do throughout the week. I will then use my notepads to write anything down I need to do or remember. Usually I like all my readings done during the weekend but if I have any I will start with that and write them out on one of the notepads specifically.

I will then start or finish anything that is due for the next day like math or reading questions. I usually take a break during this and watch a lot of YouTube videos for way to long then I jump back in.

I think the best way to do homework is to go until you cannot work anymore. I read until I feel like I’m not really paying attention anymore which can be a lot. When this happens I will take a quick break or I will move on to a different subject to get my mind working again. It’s no good to force yourself to study when you’re not going to remember crap. I like to write posts, watch YouTube, listen to music or work on a more active homework when this happens.

I cross things off as I finish them in my planner and then around 6 or 7 I like to have dinner. After that I go back to finishing anything up that is left and start to clean up. At the end I will go back to my planner to see what I didn’t get done and write down what I will have to do the next day. Then I pack up my bag and head to my bedroom to get ready for my night.

Positive vibes everyone.


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