Life Update: School

I was never extremely good at school in elementary and middle or even the beginning of high school. Once I hit 10th grade I realized how important school was and really decided to take it seriously. I fought really hard to get put in to AP classes and went to Boces for early childhood education because I thought that was the direction I wanted to go.

If no one ever told you, junior year of high school is one of the most important years because it is the one that colleges look at the most. By the end of the year you start to apply for colleges so these are the grades you are sending to them. Junior year was also the year I decide to let my wild side out and be a hell of a teenager but that is a different story.

Somehow, with everything I did wrong in my social life I was able to have very good grades for this year along with the next year senior year after that. It was hard. I will be posting my story of junior year soon but getting out my life story is very hard.

After that I picked Canisius College, which is a private school in Buffalo. I went in as a political science major which was a mistake honestly because it did not fit me at all. A few months in I decided that I wanted to go into business and marketing because I got to observe so much of it in my first job, New 2 You fine consignment boutique. My boss Terry Bailo put so much work into her store and advertising and I really enjoyed that. I hope someday I can work as hard as her because she led me to this major that I really enjoy now. After this I joined a sorority and made many different friends along with my big sister Chelsea. My sorority was my home away from home that led me to many exciting things such as putting on events and getting experience from public relations.

Me, my little’s jewel and Kayla and my big Chelsea

Now I seem happy and you’re wondering how I ended up in Siena right? Well I wasn’t as happy as I sound. I missed my family and the few friends I had back at home. I felt too much of my time was consumed with social life and not enough college. My first semester sophomore year I started to have some health issues and was always at the doctor or coming home. I even missed my formal for being in the hospital because I wasn’t taking care of myself properly. I decided I needed to look for a new college closer to home.

I based my search on my major but also a school I focus on my studies more than social life. I narrowed it down to St. Rose and Siena. I thought that I would like St. Rose more than Siena but when it came to touring, I felt right at home at Siena. There was places for research and studying along with a great commuter program. The housing was ideal but I decided to live at home anyways because of my health issues and thinking that it make more sense to get better before moving out again.

One of the many places at Siena where I spend a good amount of my time studying

Now that my first semester and my second semester as a sophomore is coming to an end, I have to say I made the right choice. I still have some other issues to figure out in life but I have never been happier focusing on my studies with a smaller but great group of friends. And I still have my connections with Buffalo so I can still see my big and little’s who have only supported me.

Now with my last life update taking about how I love to be on the road, I still do but I like to have a good base to come back to when life gets me down. Being a commuter I live in my car almost all the time but coming home at night to my parents and having my support system right there has really helped me start to move in the right direction.

Now that we have got some of the basics out the way, we can start getting into the more juicy stuff and what not next time.

Positive Vibes to everyone.



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