Habit tracker and note pads


Other than just my planner I use a couple of other things to help organize other parts of my life. My planner holds my schedule and all my school stuff along with some little things to remember. It also holds my habit tracker which as it states I use to track my habits. I also usually have my notepads with it too and I will explain each in detail.

First, my habit tracker is at the beginning of each month and I can create whatever way you want. For April I choose to do a simple graph but for May I decided to do flowers and I add a petal with the number of the day in it each time I accomplish the task. For example, I’m tracking not biting my nails. So every day I don’t bite my nails I cross off a box or add a petal. When I do bite my nails, I leave the box empty or I don’t add a petal. You should choose something you like or makes sense to you. It really motivates me to stick with getting rid of bad habits and starting or continuing good ones.


Next are the notepads I use. The first one is a big notepad with space to write to the left and a list with six boxes that you can remove from the writing space. I call this my daily notepad because I use it every day, obviously. I got this notepad in the dollar section at Target for $3.


I love to write all my blog ideas in the writing space so when it comes time to plan next week’s posting schedule, I can write in all my posts quickly. In the boxes to the right, I write down what I want to get done today. I usually also add anything I need to do at home or anything I need to remember.

My other two notepads are weekly schedules. One is on my desk at home and one is in my car or sometimes at my boyfriend’s house. I usually have the one on my desk filled in with this week’s assignments and update it every Sunday. The one in my car I will fill out Wednesdays with next week’s schedule because I am usually at my boyfriends and I want to know what has to be done during the weekend for next week.

This helps me keep organized and makes sure I always have stuff written down so I never forget it. There is so many different notepads and ways to do things and you can find them at target or look on Pinterest for ideas. I really recommend trying things out that work for you and to keep trying until you find one that fits.

Positive Vibes everyone!


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