Easter brunch

Happy Easter to everyone or Passover since most my friends are Jewish.

I though I share my outfit and make look with you guys along with some goodies the Easter bunny brought. 

First my look. I choose this blue lace dress with cut outs by the collar. I keep jewelry really simple today along with sleek straight hair. I add a pop of color with my pink heels that actually have a spandex material for the pink straps so they are super comfy to walk in all day. 

Dress: target Shoes: Kohls
Next my make up look. I am not going into full detail but I will be doing an actually video of my everyday spring make up look. Today I did a pink smokey eye with gold glitter below. It was so simple but popped. I did not put any lipstick on because we were eating a lot.

Now for all the goodies.

I got the typical chocolate Easter bunnies and chocolate. Along with gum, car wash card and Luke Bryan tickets for summer. Super excited!

But I also got some new make up to try out which has me excited for the rest of the day off. 

  1. I got the Marc Anthony conditioning treatment. I love his beach spray and during the switch from winter to spring I really need to repair my hair.
  2. I got the Bahama Mama bronzer from balm cosmetics. I haven’t tried a bunch of their products yet but I love bronzers during the summer.
  3. I also got a bronzer from Ciate London called bamboo bronzer. I love there eye liner so I’m excited to try this. 
  4. I got another Luxie beauty brush which I have a ton of and love. I won’t say they will last a life time but if you take care of them, they can last a long time and are great for press powders.
  5. I got a sample of the m princess pressed eyeshadow in chestnut. The glitter I have under my eyes is from them and I love it so I’m excited for this. 
  6. Last I got a new highlight. I have a ton of them but you can always have another. This one is a loose powder from MICA beauty cosmetics. I don’t have a loose powder high lights so I’m excited to see how this works on my skin.

That’s it for today. I hope you all have a happy Easter.

As always, positive vibes everyone!


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