Inspiration board

I just decided I wanted to redo my office and “hang out” room for the summer months that I will be in my house. I wanted a space that would encourage me to write and inspire me. It’s not done yet and still a bit of a mess, but I have half the room done where my office is. I wanted to share with you my inspiration boards that I made for my office and how I did it.

What you will need:

  1. Cork board (I got a cork board and a second board that is half white board and half cork.)
  2. Old magazines and photos
  3. Memory items or anything else you want to use.
  4. Push pins
  5. Scissors

Cork board from target, memories and photos plus some old magazines

I got both because I wanted the big cork board to have all my memories and photos of family and friends; while the other one I am using for my blog.

I started with cutting up all the magazines and collecting all my memories.

 I took my big cork board and I push pined everything in to place, hung it on the wall and added things like bows and strings that don’t get push pinned.

Next I did my blog board and I used some old magazines. I cut them up from quotes to DIY’s and a bunch of clothes and make trends I want to try or write about. I then trimmed them so they looked nice and then organized them how I wanted. On the other side, I added a white board marker, magnets and a title that says blog ideas.

This is how it turned out and I love it because I can add to it and take it down. If you’re as bad as me trying to change out picture frames or remember things you see or just collect magazines and need to find something to do with then, this is a great idea.

I hope you guys like this and follow.

As always, positive vibes.


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